Lobby governments around the world to create a 90%+ tax on all non-recycled plastic production


There are over 633 Recycling Facilities in USA including Global Plastics. There is also Plastics Recyclers Europe and Suez in Australia & New Zealand. These and other organisations are the last line of defence in humanities fight against the destructive potential of endless plastic use without more recycling.

The idea is to show that if you can see the threat coming, as clear as a towering creature standing over a treasured set of landmarks and building, wouldn’t it be best to take action, and support those who are already helping fight against the threat?

The idea is brought to life in the anti-authoritarian style of monster movies like Godzilla or Ultraman. The plastic threat depicted as a literal force of plastic nature about to attack whole populations.

Film trailers allow the idea to be explored in various dramatic scenes, whole other executions in social and outdoor show the striking visual with a simple strap-line of copy to get the idea across.

The power behind the campaign will be the collaboration between as many worldwide plastic recycling companies to co-sponsor and endorse the message, Showing they are indeed in the fight for us, and are ready and willing to take it to the next level.

“IT DOESN’T HAVE TO END THIS WAY” - London version

“IT DOESN’T HAVE TO END THIS WAY” - Sydney version
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